Liberating Facilities

Anantha Lakshmi English Medium School has a world-class infrastructure that is specifically designed to complement pedagogy, not to mention the safety and comfort that the well-lighted and air-conditioned spacious classrooms provide. Optimally stocked library, multi-media center and math, science and computer labs are connected with spacious corridors and courtyards. The amphitheatre complements the co-curricular activities.

Activity zones including playground, administrative block etc. are spacious and combine to give the entire structure an identity that the student and staff finds itself integral to.

Premium has been placed on sports and physical activities and the campus houses a swimming pool, skating ring, and basketball and volleyball courts besides cricket fields and atheletic tracks. Horse riding and rifle-shooting has also been included in the inventory of physical training facilities. The indoor play area matches the versatility of the outdoor playfields, the inventory includes table tennis, chess, carrom, foosball, besides various other indoor games to suit different interests.

Academics Outdoor Sports Indoor Sports Others
Physics Lab Kho Kho Rifle shooting Airconditioned buses
Chemistry Lab Volley Ball & Throwball Table Tennis GPS bus tracking
Biology Lab Basket ball Air Hockey CCTV Surveillance
Maths Lab Horse Riding Foosball Staff Quarters
Art & Craft Studio 200 meter athletic track Carroms  
Auditorium Cricket Chess  
Multipurpose Hall Swimming    
Language Labs      

On-Campus & Off-Campus Activities

Anantha Lakshmi English Medium School will let students inculcate an empathetic touch with community and society at large through applied academics and co-curricular activities. Drawing inferences from academic instruction and tutelage, the students will engage in on-campus and off-campus activities that will broaden their awareness and imagination and make them develop proactivity and leadership.

Turning the curiosity of child into a medium of development, co-curricular activities including educational excursion will provide them exposure of the world beyond the classroom, broaden their thought and fire their imagination.

A wide spectrum of co-curricular activities will raise the level of confidence and give the opportunity to children to explore and showcase their talents. A connection with society, developed through participation in social and cultural initiatives will help them reinterpret newfound information and inclination, and most importantly enable them to form opinions with courage of conviction that redirects curiosity.

Boarding / Campus Life

Separate hostels for girls and boys are equipped with adequate facilities. Emphasis has been laid on features of safety, security and hygiene in the living spaces where the boarders would dwell.

The faculty is housed on- campus in comfortable and peaceful residences that constitute an ideal living space. The on-campus accommodation for the faculty further enhances the psychological proximity between the teachers and the student body.