Curriculum – Collaborative Learning and Insightful Assessment

The curriculum has been implemented in line with proven pedagogical principles and cognitive sciences to boost the rate of accomplishment of curricular goals. It has been engineered with proportionate emphasis on academics and co-curricular activities making education holistic in every sense of the word.

Classroom lectures blend modern pedagogy and internationally informed instruction that aims to make teaching-learning experience highly interactive hence enjoyable. The curriculum is aimed at sustaining an educational ecosystem that drives excellence through accelerated learning and maximal focus on the individual student and inculcation of intellectual capabilities like imagination and inquisitiveness.

Assessment of potential and growth is factored in seamlessly within the curriculum by underscoring the value of formulation of opinions and original ideation in children. These practices harmonize the teaching-learning scenario and make the environment knowledge- opulent and competitive.

The curricular practice will include several media including digitally assisted workshops, educational excursions and co-curricular activities to raise child participation and knowledge. Educational infrastructure is supplemented by the Art & Craft studio and Multi-Media Center that are furnished with state- of –the- art facilities to nurture the talent in students.

The school subscribes to syllabus prescribed by the CBSE which is supplemented by inclusion of foreign languages. The curriculum is structured to develop affinity to knowledge and intrinsic motivation in the learner which raises the level of comprehension.

Expanding pedagogical scope using Information Technology

The curriculum will be connected to e–learning integrally as a discipline as well as an efficient pedagogical medium. The critical role that IT is playing in reshaping the society into a knowledge society will be duly acknowledged by making it highly accessible to the children through adequately equipped computer lab and multi-media center. An affinity to exploring the enhanced possibilities of IT and computers will be developed in children through structured and sequential training.

Faculty—proficient in comprehending and adapting to child’s needs

Redefining effective classroom teaching is what teachers at Anantha Lakshmi English Medium School are trained to do. They are expert at assessing every child’s needs and strive to discover what method of instruction appeals to the child. Collaborative teaching and inventive curricular modules help them to inspire curiosity and independent thinking in children.

Masterful communication skills and understanding of child behavior make them outstanding teachers in every right. School Administration believes in cultivating discipline rather than enforcing it making order intrinsic to the school’s dynamic mechanism.

The aim of teaching goes much beyond classroom instruction and instills capability to harness opportunity and withstand adversity in life with equal vigor and will. The work of the faculty, as a whole, boils down to the pedagogical craft of sculpting a perfect character.