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About Us

Welcome to Anantha Lakshmi English Medium School

A K-12 School founded by Anantha Lakshmi Educational and Welfare Society is an epitome of knowledge and human values that the comprehensive learning entails. We match the standards of best schools in the country in infrastructure, instructional facilities, faculty, technology and pedagogy – the values are reflected in every facet and field of activity in the school.

It takes vision and great diligence to come up with an infrastructure for an educational institution that inspires the children and the educators alike. The campus that gives wings to the imagination and strength to the will.

Every corner of the expanse is planned with an eye to detail so that a feeling of belongingness and fulfillment is instilled in every individual that spends time in the campus.

The learning spaces are designed to maximize the learning outcomes and the playspaces are equally inviting and energizing. The international bechmarks of school architecture are adhered to create the learning and growing experience of a lifetime.

Why Anantha Lakshmi English Medium School?

21st century oriented education

Preparing the children for the knowledge economy of the 21st century and turning them into assets for the knowledge society demands internationally informed education that the school imparts.

All-round child development

Proportionate attention to curricular and extra –curricular activities and exposure to real life situations shapes a perfectly balanced personality.

Liberating facilities

The infrastructure includes world-class facilities that are equipped with state-of the-art apparatuses for comprehensive learning without confines.

Proficient faculty

A faculty that is highly qualified and well versed in modern theories of child development and pedagogical principles.

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